TORIS BLOG: All I do is study, I swear I’m exciting!

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, Happy Sunday! So I don’t have to much to say for this week, it was my last week of school before the holidays and the week before exams! Booo 🙁 So it’s safe to say all I’ve been doing is studying studying and oh wait for it more studying. I have three exams in a row next week so having a minor anxiety attack. I’m just waiting for them to be done so I can enjoy this wonderful season. I don’t know about you guys but before I can even sit down and study for the day I need to get out and be active just to get the blood flowing or even study for as long as I can and take a little exercise break just to clear your head. What I find works for me best … Read More

CHRISTINAS BLOG: Being with family and looking at a flawed health care system

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The last couple of weeks haven’t been the easiest for me. You probably haven’t seen me around the gym as often and even though there’s a smile on my face, I know there is sadness in my eyes. My grandmother on my mom’s side has taken a turn for the worst and her prognosis is not long. So I have been travelling back and forth to Hamilton as often as I can to be with my mom and see my granny. It’s an interesting, emotional and stressful time. Our family chose that because my grandmother’s quality of life was so poor, that nothing invasive should be done. So she doesn’t have any IVs in, she’s not being ventilated, she doesn’t even have a heart rate monitor on. She looks so peaceful. That I think is a wonderful thing. She has … Read More