AD 2014-11-03 Monday

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Warm-Up Using the criteria presented in Saturday’s class begin forming two to three options of warm-ups that will serve your development as an athlete. I’ll post an article later this week outlining this in more detail. The basic break down is as follows: 1 – Pick a Gymnastics Movement that’s difficult for you but doable (MU, HSPU, C2B, etc) 2 – Pick a Barbell Movement you can warm up with just the bar (drop snatch, sotts press, OHS, etc) 3 – Pick a Monostructural movement / full body movement you want to drill efficiency in (double unders, burpee box jumps, etc), or just something that is whole body and will help get you warm. Turn these into two or three ‘mini wod/warmups’ that you will use on a regular basis.  Sample Warm-Up for today Three rounds NFT: 5 Muscle Up … Read More